Speed Training To The Max In Columbia County At Vaportrail 24/7

Speed Training To The Max In Columbia County At Vaportrail 24/7

Written by: Steve Lloyd.
Published on May 4, 2023

BLOOMSBURG, Pa. - Ty Stauffer from Danville and Michael Farronato from Mount Carmel sign their posters. Now permanent fixtures on the wall inside the Vaportrail 24/7 Speed Training facility in Bloomsburg.

Tom Hughes is the owner and operator here in Columbia County providing training techniques to help athletes reach a peak performance.

"We also have lacrosse players, field hockey players one that plays for Ohio State and Michigan State. So yeah, we have the whole gamete of athletes. We have been fortunate to even have wrestlers come in to work on their footwork," said Tom.

Stauffer plays football and lacrosse for the Ironmen. His next stop is West Point where he will put on the pads for 4 more years.

"Oh yeah. You know he brought us in like a family. I have been training here since I was young. He has taken great care of us and has also helped us get recruited so I am very thankful," said Ty.

For Farronato this Red Tornado is off to Robert Morris and may split time between track and football. He credits the extra work here with Coach Hughes to much of his success.

"Honestly, it's just probably just used your body. Everybody is different and I am a long and lengthy kid. I had a problem with over striding in my run and we fixed that last year, and it helped me tremendously going to college camps and getting scouted by college coaches and everything like that," said Michael.

The wall is impressive even for kids who have been coming here for years or just started.

"Oh yeah probably freshman year I noticed a difference. Just competing here and everything that is when I noticed a difference," said Spencer.

"My 40-yard dash before I started coming here was 5.0 seconds flat or a 5.1 now it's down around a 4.7 or 4.8 flat right in there," said Zander.

"He helps a lot. I just recently started coming here but I can already tell the improvement," said Noah.

Tom has trained all sorts of multi-sport athletes since he started Vaportrail back in 2013 and one in particular is Southern Columbia wide receiver and now out at Ohio State is Julian Fleming. And Julian trained with Tom here and could be a future 1st round draft pick next year in the NFL.

"We have young people coming in and older people that just stare at the wall and dream to be on the wall on their wall of fame and it's something that has grown," again said Tom.

Steve Lloyd Newswatch 16 sports Columbia County.